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Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP is the study of human experience.  NLP is about modelling excellence and reproducing that excellence; whether it is athletic, linguistic, performance, behavioural or business.


What drives human behaviours are your core belief systems, values, decisions and experiences.  Examining, integrating and refining these filters becomes a cooperative act between client and practitioner in order to make positive change effective.  


NLP is a valuable tool, an attitude of curiosity, willingness to experiment, that brings with it a trail of techniques which facilitates this positive change.  Specific sensory techniques are used to change your negative habits and associations with things like, people, work, money, exercise or food.  Removing these negative associations and habits and installing positive, motivating behaviours gives you freedom and choice on how to think, feel and behave.


Your mind and body are powerfully intelligent.  NLP is like an instruction manual to that intelligence.  NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes, the only limitations are those that you consciously and unconsciously put on it.  With NLP, Time Line Therapy™ (TLT), Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching techniques I can facilitate the removal of these limitations and help achieve, maintain and enhance your excellence.  We can make you the most excellent person you can be.

Time Line Therapy™


As time passes you organise your memories in a certain direction from yourself, mostly unconsciously - this is your Time Line.


Time Line Therapy™ is a powerful and effective, long lasting, dissociative, content free, technique.    A process of active imagination, utilising the extensive catalogue of events and experiences unconsciously stored.  It enables you to release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, comfortably and quickly, without you having to relive or even talk about them.


Negative emotions which are trapped in the body are not conducive to health.  Releasing your negative emotions frees up a lot of your energy which would be used to darken and hide those past negative emotional experiences, helping you feel full of life.


Time Line Therapy™ also removes limiting decisions including “I'm not good enough”, “relationships aren’t worth working for”,” I can’t discipline myself” or “I can't make enough money”, I then give you the opportunity to discover a new empowering belief instead to support your desired outcome and we insert that along your Time Line.  Time Line Therapy™ can also help with some allergies and physical problems.


Time Line Therapy™ also stores your future memories, so you can insert an achievable, ethical compelling goal into your future to help focus and manifest your true desires.


See what it’s like to take a journey on your own Time Line and feel yourself floating on the echoes of your life.  Now you can take charge in resolving all your past and present negative issues and get all your personal power back now using Time Line Therapy™.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to aid the unconscious mind to; create change, learn in an accelerated way or improve bodily and sensory functions.


Hypnotherapy is mainly used here to reinforce all change work at the unconscious level, cementing in and integrating the desired transformation but is also a very powerful tool in its own right.



NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching is an ongoing developmental relationship between coach and client.   As a coach I will help to advance your skills, capabilities and successes.  I will assist you in actualising your goals by pacing your success, promoting and supporting your growth.  I will also perform any processes necessary to bring out your natural resources.


As an NLP Coach I have all the skills to facilitate the removal of any limitations preventing you from achieving your goals, such as misaligned values, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, inner conflicts and unproductive strategies, we work together to remove those limitations and install more useful and productive beliefs, states and behaviours that support your goal and growth.


After Coaching you will know how to learn and grow independently and for yourself.  A good coach endeavours to move you forward to independence.


Common conditions that would benefit are from these modalities are:


Weight loss

Limiting beliefs

Loss of direction

Internal conflicts

Negative emotions/traumas


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