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Returning home to yourself


Sound Healing has become very popular recently and luckily I've been a musician for many years.  I honed my skill of using sound to support the healing process during ceremonial healing rituals.  During healing sessions I may sing healing songs from different traditions that help hold the space for the client to drop deeper into the healing.  I also use the voice to aid in the clearing of energy blocks in the body using a resonant frequency..  


I have various sound tools that I use to assist me in my healing session, I use a shamanic drum or a rattle to journey when I need to communicate with my guides, collect a soul shard or perform a Curse Unravelling.  I also use tuning forks to penetrate sound frequencies into the body to loosen energy blocks.





Gong Baths & Sound Journeys

I have a 36" Pluto Planetary Paiste Gong that I often use at the end of my healing sessions.  I also hold Gong Baths,  this is where you are bathed in sound frequencies from the Gong for a good period of time, it can evoke emotions and be deeply relaxing, healing and take you on a journey..

I also offer Sound Journeys which brings in all my instruments and musical talent together.  Weaving all of my unusual sounding instruments to create a sound scape that can take you on a journey.  I play drum, rattle and other percussion tools, crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls, gong plates, bells and chimes, tubular bells and of course my 36" Gong.  Expect to feel super relaxed and like you've transported far away.  I have held sound Journeys and Gong baths during the use of Plant medicines like Cacao to deepen and support the experience.

The Way Home

Sound Healing

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