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Returning home to yourself


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The Way Home

I have trained for years in various traditional and advanced forms of therapies since 2007.  I have greatly benefited from the years of healing.  The healing I have received has made me a wiser, stronger, better person, present and grateful for the life I have, although life is not always easy and can be painful at times, it is very rewarding to be doing this work and living in a magical world with profound and expansive depth.


I offer these Therapies mostly from my home in Bristol, United Kingdom.  As a Healer, Coach, bodyworker and facilitator I gently guide you back home to yourself using ritual and ceremony held with loving presents in sacred space.


David Allen



The journey to truly find yourself has no doubt already started and here we can continue that journey.  The journey back to the sovereign, resourceful, joyous, creative you, that's not held back by fear or trauma.  A you that allows the flow of emotions through the body, whatever they may be, clearing and processing the pasts unresolved emotions and being rooted in the present moment.  This is a journey we are all on, a journey of healing, learning and growth.


I am deeply grateful to be on this sacred path of self discovery and sharing my joy, wisdom and experience.  I am here to help in whichever way I can to support your alignment with divine purpose and to clear blockages that distort the flow of creativity so that you may manifest your dreams and experience life with a sense of belonging, purpose and joy.

Welcome to The Way Home

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