I have trained in various advanced forms of therapies since 2007, I have benefited from the healing and it has made me a better person, able to be happy and really grateful for the life I have.


I offer these Therapies as a Healer, Coach, bodyworker and facilatator gently guiding you back home to yourself.


Welcome to The Way Home


We were once spirit and then we're born into this life to experience separation and through life our experience makes us more individuated and the journey to return to and remember ourselves as spirit continues.  The journey to truly find yourself, the happy, free, joyous, successful version of yourself, that's not held back by fear, is a journey we all take, a journey of healing, learning and growth.


I am deeply grateful to be on this sacred path of servitude, helping you in whichever way I can to help align you with your divine purpose and back on the path towards the light, so you may experience your life with a sense of belonging, purpose and joy.

The Way Home

Returning home to yourself