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Shamanic Energy Healing

The particular linage, of Shamanic Energy Healing that I'm trained in started from the work of Barbara Brennan, a NASA scientist who was compelled to look deeper into the mystery of the multidimensional Human being and the process of healing  She had a natural gift of seeing energy and the Aura and its interactions between people and their environment and in relation to their health and mental state.  Her observations from an open minded scientific view point laid down a profoundly useful and practical way to heal and bring the Human Energy Consciousness System back into health.  This frame work naturally grew and mixed with other more traditional Shamanic lineages to produce a healing practice that can heal; all seven layers of the auric field, your relationship to people, places and things, strengthen your alignment you to your true purpose in this life, heal your Physical body and much more.


The main techniques are:


Infusion & Extraction

Energy is channeled through me and into the energy body of another person, this naturally dislodges blockages that then present themselves for release and extraction.


Chakra Balancing

Working up the body attending to each chakra in turn, clearing away what naturally comes up for extraction, then infusing positive celestial energy to each chakra brings about balance and harmony.  This is good for cleansing and tuning up the chakras.


Organ Regeneration

Using the Taoist element system each organ is rejuvenated with an infusion of sound, colour and one of the five elements.  This cleans, clears and repairs the organs, removing toxins and bringing it back into a heather state.


Sound Healing

Sound can dramatically effect the auric field and a resonant frequency made by the voice can help remove stuck energetic blockages.  By tuning into the blockage and focusing a harmonious or disharmonious tone to vibrate in resonance with the blockage, it then becomes very effective at drawing it out of the body and back to the light.


Spinal Regeneration

This technique heals the physical level of the body and can be used to repair and clean the spinal vertebra, spinal cord, neck and skull, helping correct and repair a bad back and neck.  It can also be used for any other physical damage, discomfort or injury made to the body.


Intention Alignment

This is a very potent meditation of entrainment, working with the central Hara line, the line of your intentionality.  Using our connection to the Earth and divine will, the galactic centre, to create an alignment that is in-line with our divine purpose in a practical, functioning, grounded way.  This gives a strong feeling of presents, purpose, safety, protection and strength.  This healing brings back alignment with your true loving self.


Soul retrieval

During emotional or traumatic times of life, aspects or shards of the soul can choose to take refuge elsewhere.  Calling these shards back and integrating them back to be reunited with the soul can enable these past traumatic experiences to be fully healed and help to feel more whole and complete.  Often a gift and spirit animal may accompany the soul part to help with the integration.


Auric Surgery

By tuning into the template level of the Aura, where all the energetic structural repair work  is carried out, I'm supported to correct any misalignment, distortion, rip or tear on any level of the Auric field including chakras, Haric level or physical structure of the body.  This gives a new repaired blueprint for the energy body to work with that produces long term health on all levels of the Human Energy Consciousness System.


Compassionate Depossession

It can be possible that a spirit or foreign energy has got stuck within The Energy Field of a person, often in a harmless way but sometimes in unhelpful ways too and they just need a little assistance in returning back to the light. I call in my guides and helpers to assist this lost foreign energy to reunite with Source once more and support with the unburdening from this foreign energy.

Curse Unravelling

Curses, Hexes, contracts or self imposed and accepted limited beliefs can get imbedded within The Soul and affect the life of that soul for many lives and/or generations.  With the assistance of my Guides and helpers I support the unravelling of these unuseful ties.  Lifting the burden from your soul and making a deep impact on your life. 

Angelic Reiki is another form of hands on energy healing, the difference is that Angelic Reiki prodominently calls for the assistance of Angels, Ascended Masters and Interdimentional being of 100% love and light to come and work through me.  I find that the right Angel or Ascended Master will come and assist the person depending on what is needed at that time.  I like to ask if you have an affinity to a particular Angel or Ascended Master and I can call them in to help with our work.


I work closely with my personal Guides as well as Angels, Ascended Masters and Interdimentional Being of 100% love and light.  While I am giving an energy healing I use interchangeably all the skill from my Shamanic Energy Healing training as well as Angelic Reiki.

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